We offer our host of different activities,

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You are welcome to share our daily walk!





And if you want to, it is also possible to learn how to milk! 

redimenssioner-les-chevres-1.jpg Gathering fresh produce from our vegetable garden.

photo0077.jpgAs you will see we collect our vegetables every day freshly  in our all GREEN Oganic garden


Jeux de boules to share some time together.


Red jeux de boules red Upon request: Course of ceramics,Raku!

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For over ten years we have been making ceramics passionately.

We would be happy to share the enjoyment and teach you the skills involved, only at low season and on request.

We have also online shops where you can by Artistic gifts&handcrafts creations.

 Walking round  Montilongu




For those who will love the walks  it will be possible to walk around the Montilongu with Alain who will guide you, so you can admire the superb panorama of the Gallura countryside..

♥  Upon request:Discover Beekeeping















If you are interested in this activity, Alain will explain the different stages of producing honey.

After this discovery, you can taste our honey.